Plantilla:Infobox The Dirt Block was one of the first blocks introduced to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It has the same texture on all six sides. Dirt is very common on normally generated maps, making up the majority of the top layers of blocks, between Grass or Snow and Stone. It is also found underground in clumps in all altitudes and can also be found in the bottom of deep waters. Its a weak type of block and is easily destroyed by any of the Tools.


Dirt is usually used to level the terrain. When a Dirt Block is adjacent to a Grass Block and is exposed to a light level of at least 4 (usually from torches or sunlight), it will eventually be converted into a Grass Block; the exact time this happens is random and unpredictable. It is useful as Scaffolding because of its abundance.

Dirt is simple to mine and is often acquired in large amounts when unmonitored during its excavation. It will always drop a resource block, regardless of how it was mined. It may be mined by hand fairly quickly, but using a shovel will significantly speed up the process.

Dirt is not used in any default crafting recipes whatsoever; the only functionality offered by this block is as a necessity for growing certain plants, and as a cheap material for when player wishes to block off branches of a cavern, build walls or scaffolds, or any similar task that requires a medium to large number of blocks that are not affected by gravity.

It takes 1.6 seconds to mine with your it hand, it takes 1.2 seconds with a wooden shovel, and it takes about 0.7-8 for stone shovel.

Farmland is a block created by using a hoe on dirt. You can plant either melon seeds or just regular seeds. After waiting while (exact time not sure) the plant will nature. If placed near water the farmland will turn dark indicating that it is fertile. It results in making the plant grow quicker. After the update 5.0 if you jump on farm land it will turn into a regular dirt block. Thankfully there is a chance that the plant will drop a seed, 0-2 depending in maturity of the plant.